Founding Partner and Managing Partner, Humanitas Capital | Humanitas Smart Planet Fund 

Sushant Shrestha is a venture capital investor with a track record of successful exits in the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain space. Currently, he engages in different countries as a venture catalyst and an advisor to startups and growth companies. He is an adjunct faculty at National University, California, and teaches courses on leadership and sustainable change. He engages transdisciplinary and transformational frameworks for innovation in finance, portfolio management, and industry evaluation. His research and analysis have generated over 2M+ in growth capital for his portfolio companies. Currently, he is working towards equity, dignity, and sovereignty of local communities through regenerative finance.

Previously, Sushant served as a Finance Director for startups in three countries and worked as a Research Consultant for National Park Services. He has worked in South America and the South East Asia region. His educational training and degrees are in Finance, Management, and Integral Psychology, with a professional background in management consulting, business systems analysis, sustainable finance, and organizational analysis. He has also worked with several companies as a business analyst and strategy consultant. He is passionate about scaling transformative technologies globally to meet the challenges of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.