Sushant Shrestha, a founding partner at Humanitas Smart Planet Fund, is a researcher, analyst, and strategist in Social Finance, Smart Planet Technologies, Private Equity Valuation, and Transdisciplinary Project Design. Sushant is a Research Fellow at Blockchain@UBC, University of British Columbia, and an adjunct professor at John F. Kennedy University. His research and data modeling integrates the fields of social finance, data science, blockchain, digital humanities, developmental psychology, and transdisciplinary studies. His current work includes finance for social good and transformative education. He has degrees in Finance, Management and Psychology, and a professional background in management consulting, business systems analysis, sustainable finance, and organizational analysis. His current work includes a project on indigenous modernity with Dena’ina Athabascan community in collaboration with Alaska National Park Services. He worked as a Finance Director overseeing operations of five startups in three countries. He has worked with several companies as a business analyst and strategy consultant.