Smart Planet Fund

Smart Investing for a Smarter Planet

The Problem: Climate Change

Climate change leading to massive ecological and social distress is causing an existential threat to humanity. In this time of tumultuous change, sophisticated investors are facing a lot of noise in finding trusted partners to solve global issues and make a robust return. On one hand, the need for capital for entrepreneurs working towards a thriving planet is substantial, on the other, the potential of emerging technology to address sustainability challenges is an untapped investment space.

The Solution: Industry 4.0

Humanitas Smart Planet Fund invests in ‘smart operating systems’ that will enable humanity to adapt to an increasingly unstable environment while preserving human dignity. Emerging technologies, including the blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are enabling societal shifts as they seismically affect economies, values, identities, and possibilities for future generations. These Smart Operating Systems, a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between the physical, digital and biological, will enable us to regenerate healthy oceans, purify our atmosphere, promote water security, and weather disaster resilience.

The Opportunity

The impact investment market is now worth US $715 billion and the climate change industry is expected to reach US $26 trillion through 2030. Millennial investors’ values are changing the profile of the investment world who are looking to invest in clean capital opportunities. Likewise, millennial entrepreneurs working on emerging technology solutions are seeking smart values-aligned investments and advisors.

Our Focus and Growth Strategy

We are a diversity led demonstration fund with an in-house, complex systems-oriented due diligence process seeking sidecar-syndicate interested investors to participate in opportunistic UN SDGs based investments while demonstration portfolio matures.

We are open to dialogue with potential anchor investors and LPs who are interested in participating in Fund I . At present we are gathering performance metrics from our demonstration fund and invite queries from experienced fund managers to lead Fund I.

Our optimal deal flow is at the intersection of transformative technology & the UNSDGs and we are interested in early stage technology companies with product-market fit that require up to $250K of growth capital with additional follow-on and advisory expertise to scale. Technologies of interest will hold potential to catalyze systems effects and enable an adaptive, anti-fragile response across multiple bio-regions while preserving human dignity.

The Humanitas Advantage

We have industry leaders with 25+ years track record of significant financial returns, access to high-quality deal flow, industrial resources and global networks committed to making sure every dollar in our fund has the greatest impact on the planet. We may be a new fund but investors and entrepreneurs are thrilled to work with us because we leverage our mature partner network to enable deployment at a planetary scale, and provide well-defined pipelines to strategic exits that produce extraordinary value for LPs. Varshney Capital, a well known Vancouver based Venture Capital, Merchant Banking and Corporate Advisory Service Firm with decades of experience in the public markets and a discerning eye for deal flow, forms the foundational pillar of our investment partners. Praveen Varshney, Partner at Varshney Capital, also serves on our executive team as CFO, strengthening the foundation of this partnership from within.

Business Model

Humanitas Capital is a private equity venture capital company with an innovative growth strategy for early-stage companies. We work with companies to develop a product-market fit, revenue model and development strategy. We scale the company through a jump in the Series A gap by using public market capital. This provides first equity value lift on the original investment, then through going public or to a larger international exchange, we achieve a significant price- earnings ratio and strategic exits within 5-10 years.

Current Portfolio

Pani Energy

A cloud-based machine learning software platform to elevate the efficiency of industrial and city scale desalination and wastewater


Redefining the Indigenous experience through innovation and technology


Elevating humanity by providing a platform for financial equity for everyone


Booking management platform for health and wellness industry


BrioTech is mass producing pure Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) for use in over seven different verticals with a collective market cap of USD 107B globally.


Environment, Health & Safety AI

AI algorithm that enables mass adoption of environmental, health and safety regulations

Graphene Manufacturing Company

Graphene at industrial scale using non-evasive and environmentally-friendly sources