Humanitas Advisory

Smart advisory for transformative businesses committed to a healthy, thriving, and a smarter planet


Strategy Mapping for Startups and Growth Companies

Entrepreneurs never start a business with bad intention but often succumb to bad strategies. This is mainly because management can not see what they do not know exists. We have a long track record of successful management & strategy consulting in various domains and can help you identify hidden roadblocks and challenges ahead of time. We can help you to:

  • Make a smooth transition from ideation to seed to startup. Get your vision funded and scale up with a reliable product-market fit and time-tested strategies.

  • Define your organization's strategic goals with Scorecard, Executive Summary and communicate it to stakeholders effectively. We use innovative frameworks for business modelling and pivot vs drive strategies for mature businesses.

  • Leverage the power of organizational tools and techniques that create agile teams and iterative experimentation with low risk.

Investment Analysis and Deal Flow Management

We take a holistic approach to investment decision making. Each company is unique and there are several factors that contribute to a successful exit. While we are rigorous in our quantitative analysis, we are also keen on understanding qualitative and non-measurable factors that makes a team great. We can support you with:

  • Developing an overall investment strategy to create both positive social impact and financial returns for the investors.

  • Drafting financial research summaries and compile data into comprehensive reports.

  • Developing and design a range of investment products for tech for good ventures.

  • Deal flow sourcing, due diligence and develop a broad network to identify new investments opportunities and approaches to empower your mission.

  • Lead the investment processes and chair the investment committee.

  • Representing your company externally and acting as an ambassador.

Impact Design and Theory of Change

More and more companies are moving towards a socially consciousness and an impact-oriented business model. It is vital for you to have a clear road map to defining and achieving a theory of change that is unique to your business. We work collaboratively with you to:

  • Develop a vision for an impact that is realistic, achievable and bold.

  • Define key metrics and indicators so you can make incremental and measurable progress towards your vision.

  • Integrate data and computation approach to designing an innovate impact strategy.

  • Leverage the power of digital tools to quantify your impact.

  • Generate cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach to your theory of change.

Executive in Residence

The Executive in Residence role is designed to extend the capacity and deepen the ability of your leadership team to execute on its priority initiatives. The services are typically structured as 6-12 month engagements with clearly defined outcomes. We can help with that critical initiative that just needs to get done and requires an experienced hand to steer it or specific activities such as due diligence on potential partnerships, and strategies for capital raise. We can also support in maintaining accountability for teams and continually evaluate team Key Performance Indicators (KPI) achievements, client satisfaction, as well as policy, safety and HR compliance. We can help you by:

  • Broadening your strategic thinking, networking and inside access to a number of extremely promising companies.

  • Presenting your current business challenges and receive advice from venture capital insiders who can help you overcome a variety of business challenges.

  • Strengthening the quantity and quality of our partnerships with industry and our broader communities.

  • Recommending systemic changes, updates, and process requirements across supporting teams.


A sustainable strategy for a technology product development requires a long-term vision and deep knowledge of business and society. Our team consists of technology veterans who have always been on the emerging edge of disruptive technologies and have built several successful businesses that are strongly oriented towards social impact. We partner with you to deliver:

  • A business analysis that transforms your vision and product lifecycle to develop a clear pathway to a successful product launch.

  • Programming and development in Python, Django, Java, Go, and other open source technologies.

  • Data mining, analysis and visualization that informs your business strategy and gives you a competitive advantage.

Leadership Education

Not all leadership are equal. We need a new leadership paradigm for a changing world. Helping your team and organization reach their full potential is at the heart of my leadership education. Our team has been engaging in personal and organizational transformative work for decades and is deeply plugged into academia and leadership development work. We offer:

  • Group coaching for your organization to understand, embody and implement new leadership capacities and team cohesion.

  • Curriculum development that is aligned with your organizational needs and ethos. Having customized HR practices, organizational development and culture building sessions is a powerful way to liberate your organization and become a learning and thriving community.

  • Strategies for improving performance and odds of success.