Humanitas Smart Planet Systems is a network of mission-driven companies and multinational consultants dedicated to transforming organizations, teams and leadership toward a healthy thriving sustainable planet. We run a Venture Fund, work with founders and executives to provide innovative solutions and thought leadership toward this goal, and are committed to positive social impact. 

What We Do

Humanitas will challenge the status quo and push you beyond what you think you know. We will help you turn a breakdown into a breakthrough and develop strategies to outperform your past accomplishments. You will contribute to a better, viable and sustainable future for us and for the planet that is our home.

What We Believe

Humanitas was founded with a vision to redefine how businesses work. We believe disruptive technologies are not enough, we need transformative technologies that contribute to respecting our planet, and building the world and human civilizations that we want and need. We are passionate and committed to creating a new operating system for the planet. We realize that this is a grand statement but we are a team of dreamers and doers who want to fundamentally change how we live our lives. There is a new world emerging and we want to contribute towards it in collaboration with other transformation-oriented companies.

The Humanitas Difference!


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